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50 LPH to 50,000 LPH Complete RO Plant
RO Plant ROPlant


High Quality Water :
Our reverse osmosis not only rejects most organics and salts from water but residual synthetic detergents, bacteria, viruses and suspended microscopic particles.
System Includes
Operating Specifications
Components :
Membranes :
We use Composite Polymer Based Sprial Wound with FRP taped Membranes for the superior flow, High Servicing life with stringent quality constraints.
Commonly used membranes includes :
Membrane Housings :
FRP - Fiber Reinforced Plastic & Stainless Steel grade housings. SS housings are manufactured In-House with sophisticated manufacturing process while for FRP we use CODE LINE, Pentair or Equivalent Standard brands.
 Membrane Housings  Membrane Housings
High Pressure Pumps :
This is the heart of the RO system. These are Multistage Vertical Full SS grade Pumps, the quality & life of RO output water majorly depends on this stage. We use: GRUNDFOS/LOWARA/EBARA brands which indicates highest quality in the industry.
Chemical Dosing Pumps :
This are applicable for dosing of Antiscalant/Cleaning Chemicals and other polyelectrolyte's in pretreatment stage of RO Process. This are Diaphragm type with dosing generally in the range of 0 – 5, 0 -10, 0 -15 lph. ETATRON/EDOSE brands we use.
FRP Vessels :
RO Skids :
 RO Skids
Flow Meters :
Valves & Multi port valves :
 RO Skids
Antiscalants & Chemicals :
A suitable program is required to protect & extend the life of costly RO/UF & other type of membrane and maintain designed product water conductivity, flow and pressure by preventing precipitation of inorganic scales of carbonates, sulphates, oxides, silicates, fluoride, iron etc. Hi performance RO Additive should be a perfect blend of phosphinocarboxylate and advance polymer or aaminophosphonate compound of higher chelation and distortion value in double deionised water to prevent precipitation and reduce particulate fouling within membrane separation.

Our RO Additives are highly suitable for feed water containing high silica, fluoride, sulphates, aluminium & iron oxides up to +3.00 LSI.
Products benefits There are three preventive treatment program for high silica, high sulphates/fluoride and high iron feed water and a wide range of cleaning chemicals, biocides for various foulants which may be alkaline, acidic or detergent based.
Membrane Autopsy
A small piece of membrane part sent in our lab to analyze thoroughly the cause of membrane failure.

Spares for end caps, trust cone & cerclips :
 Trust Cone  cerclips
Maintenance :
Our system comes with all preoccupied monitors, instrumentations, controllers keeping in mind each part of plant to prevent any kind of deterioration of the filter, membranes and of mechanical and electrical systems with minimum shutdown time for regular maintenance priod.

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